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https://i1.wp.com/img215.imageshack.us/img215/7605/images7yb.jpg Let me catch you all up on my progress thus far…

I’m currently shopping two scripts around.

‘LUCIDITY’ (2005) and ‘DYNAMO’ (2006)

‘LUCIDITY’ is a San Francisco-based psychological thriller about a newspaper obituary-writer who is haunted by the memory of a freak accident that left him an orphan and an amputee many Christmas Eves ago. As the Holiday Season approaches again, his reality becomes a slow-descent into narcoleptic madness as a crooked cop, a mute piano prodigy and a horoscope-writer all become pieces of the terrifying puzzle he’s finally finding the courage to put together…

‘DYNAMO’ is a true story set in Nazi-occupied Kiev. When the Germans create a small soccer league in the conquered Ukraine, eleven beleaguered bread-factory workers enter a team. No one suspects they are ex-professionals from the once–prolific Dynamo Kiev. No one suspects anything until they beat each and every Nazi garrison team soundly. Embarrassed, Hitler sends in Flakelf, his Luftwaffe dream-team. The rules are simple: If the Kievans win, they will spend the rest of their lives in concentration camp. If any of them dare score, they will be executed after the match…


Both scripts have had modest exposure to date.

‘LUCIDITY’ finished top ten-percent in the 2005 Nicholls Fellowship Competition – a prestigious worldwide contest sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences. Since then, it has garnered interest from the William Morris Agency, Lancaster Gate Entertainment in LA and Collingwood Management in Vancouver who are passing it on to their production partners for consideration.

‘DYNAMO’ has been entered into 2006 Nicholls Fellowship Competition. I won’t find out if it made the second round of judging until August. It has also been forwarded to Collingwood Management and is being networked in LA through colleagues Lucas Sussman (screenwriter, ‘THE DEEP’) and Scott Mullen (freelance reader whose credits include work with New Line Cinema and HBO Pictures). Additionally, it is being pitched as a potential mini-series via Chris Tougas (Disney, Jim Henson Productions and Warner Brothers) at the Banff Television Festival this June.

As you can see, I’ve discovered just how invaluable networking can be!

Of course, I have several scripts in the conceptual/research/draft stage of development while also developing a curriculum which I hope to present as an intensive workshop for 16-18 year-old aspiring screenwriters, first in a community-based classroom format and eventually online.

‘Busy’ doesn’t always seem an adequate enough word, does it?


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