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It never ceases to amaze me just how inter-connected the players/elements in the film-industry are — good news for those of us who rely heavily on networking and the cashing-in of favors to establish ourselves in this rather closed-door, elitist world.

From my experience, it goes something like this: one person gives you that one promising lead, which will inevitably (if you're a bit slick, charming and above all else, persistent) result in a name-drop, and so on and so on.  Eventually, as in my case you end up with an elaborate web of 'maybes', 'hopefully's', 'we'll sees' and, if you're lucky, occasionally a 'yes'.  It's always interesting when that 'yes' brings you full-circle…

Years ago, when I had just begun writing, my friend Richard told me about a highschool aquaintance of his named Kimani Smith.  Apparently, this athletically-inclined kid had taken off to LA to become a stuntman.  Yesterday, Dylan Collingwood of Collingwood Management Inc. emails me from Ontario.  Apparently, his production partner liked 'LUCIDITY' and they want to move forward on the project, pending a tele-conference with me when he gets back to Vancouver on Thursday.

D.P.:  "Out of curiosity, who is your production partner?  Would I recognize his name?"

D.C.:  "Kimani Smith." 

As I was saying, small world.


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    Comment by Charles Coverly | January 16, 2007

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