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The postponement of the telephone conference with Collingwood Management actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  The meeting has been re-scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.  Now, it’s become less a fact-finding mission and more a deal-sealer.  See, although the meeting never materialized last week, it seemed that Collingwood Management was as eager to continue with our conversation as I was.  Several emails back and forth provided answers to my questions, gave rise to new ones and eventually resulted in a clear idea of what I wanted creatively and commercially from this project.

The end result:  an offer.

A modest five-figure (deferred) two-year option on a modest six-figure production with a guarantee that I stay on board to write the second draft (deferred-scale) and retain a role in producing.

In layman’s terms, they have 24 months to decide to red or green-light the project and I don’t see a penny until they make up their minds.  But IF they do, I get my own re-write and a producer credit.  Not bad for a script that I had resigned to an early-retirement in the bowels of my hard-drive!

Though not perfect, this is an opportunistic, investment.  Deferred payment is never ideal, but this proposition actually suites my agenda.  A money-up-front option would have disqualified me for the Nicholls Fellowship Competition (you’re non-eligible if you’ve made more than $2000 professionally up to the point of award)  I still fancy my chances with that this year.  It would have to be a pretty sweet deal on ‘DYNAMO’ for me to make that sacrifice-play!

Which reminds me, Chris is smoozing at the Banff International Television Festival tonight with a hot soccer screenplay and a kids-Australian-Outback-Adventure treatment under his arm…


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  1. Hi, sorry for a little offtopic but a friend told me about your site and it’s really great. So keep it up 😀

    – Laura from http://lised.com/

    Comment by Laura | November 14, 2006

  2. Merry Christmas 🙂

    Comment by Wiliam | December 20, 2006

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