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https://i2.wp.com/img50.imageshack.us/img50/8886/250pxfilmreelandfilm8ok.jpgWhat with juggling the dayjob, the writing/marketing and so far 42 FIFA World Cup games in 14 days, the term, ‘busy’ would be an understatement typical of the country from which I hail. (incidentally, England is through to the next round with 7 points, playing Ecuador next week in the group of 16, but I digress…)

Down to business: Chris came back from the Banff International Television Festival with some great results. We have over a dozen nods from execs who, based upon the pitch, would like to read ‘DYNAMO’, so looks like I’ll be dropping a few bucks at Staples! If all goes to plan, I’ll be mailing hard-copies off next week. Also, I’ve got a couple of producers in my sights (courtesy of Chris’ rolodex) and a possible line to uber-director, Michael Mann (‘THE INSIDER’, ‘ALI’, ‘HEAT’, ‘MIAMI VICE’) so it’s lock-and-load time…

No new offers on ‘LUCIDITY’ yet, but I have another 7 weeks before I have to give Collingwood Management a yes or a no on their offer.

Still waiting for the first round judging results from the Nicholls Fellowship Competition this year. Let’s hope Oscar’s smiling on me!

Nothing back from our man at National Geographic Kids yet regarding ‘DOWN UNDER’, but it’s a little early to expect one. I’ll follow up with him in the same wave of follow-ups 2 weeks after I get ‘DYNAMO’ into the hands of the Banff delegates. That still gives me over a month to leverage the Collingwood offer into a better deal for ‘LUCIDITY’ at about the same time I should be getting results from the Academy. See, there is a method to the madness.

And I still have 22 soccer games to watch before July 9th…


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