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https://i1.wp.com/img386.imageshack.us/img386/329/yerbamatelg1506av.jpgIt’s been a busy, albeit productive morning.

Started with a phonecall to Chris in Calgary. We’re gearing up ‘DYNAMO’ for the execs that he pitched in Banff. Then it was time to hit the delegate list for more targets. Incidently, I found out that Robert Lawrence is reading the script this week, but you can never have your eggs in too many baskets. Although I’m really holding out for a meeting with Mr. Spielberg himself, some attention from some of the other big boys can’t hurt. There’s always the ideal scenario of a bidding war driving the purchase price through the roof. That being said, I spent the rest of the morning sipping yeba mate and email the ‘DYNAMO’ pitch to everyone in Banff that we didn’t have the pleasure of accosting. Now, it’s a bit of a waiting game to see if anyone at Tricon, Lionsgate, A&E, NBC Universal, Alliance Atlantis, BBC, History Channel, Showcase, UKTV or CBS Paramount beat Lawrence to the punch. Of course, with the first round results of the Nichol Fellowship Competition only three weeks away, the landscape could change even more for the better in the very near future, so I suppose it’s an inescapable case of ‘time will tell’.

It looks like (providing they agree to some minor contract modifications) I’m going to be signing ‘LUCIDITY’ with Collingwood Management. There’s an outside chance that an independent here in Victoria might pull an eleventh hour counter-deal, but my man on this end has yet to see if his producer can sweeten the deal. I figure the window is about a week long before Collingwood’s lawyers wave a pen at me, so hopefully, again, I’ll have been able to generated a couple of choices.

Whoever said the wheeler-dealer side of this industry was no fun?


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