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https://i0.wp.com/img70.imageshack.us/img70/9778/microphonetg2.jpgSome good news first.

After much careful consideration, I’ve decided to sign a deal with Collingwood Management. I’m getting more for a one-year option than initially was discussed and they’re purchasing the script for higher-than-market Canadian price. It would be unprofessional to divulge exactly how much the deal is for (but suffice it to say, one could comfortably buy an SUV with it). I’m being kept on board for the first rewrite at a deferred scale wage and being given the opportunity to earn my first production credit. And, despite the deferrment, I’ll be written in to get paid first.

A lot of firsts, I know.
But then again, this is my first script. This will be my first sale.

I’m excited by the enthusiasm Dylan Collingwood and Kimani Smith have displayed. At this point, I feel confident that the production budget is attainable and the players involved are here to play.

Several things have been happening in cadence with this. Last week, my music producer friend, Gus Verstraten, approached me at work and informed me that a friend of his wife, Marie’s was a producer. A Mr.James Shavick. I’m not sure if ‘DYNAMO’ will be down his alley, as the only two projects he’s produced that I recognized were a Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel and ‘BREAKER HIGH’. That being said, he may be able to provide a good referral. One thing I’ve learnt is to show the same amount of respect whether I’m dealing with an A-lister or someone I have to Google. The fact is, they’re all on the other side of the door that I’m trying to pry open.

The most exciting aspect of the connection with Gus is a musical one. He and my Dad, Pete Petley (an extremely gifted and fairly renown guitarist) have been streamlining their respective vocations toward a tentative foray into the world of motion picture soundtrack scoring. Having read ‘LUCIDITY’, they’ve been composing several pieces with the script in mind. I’ve piqued the interest of the guys in Vancouver, so maybe we’ll find a little creative synchronicity.

So, capping off, this is how the big picture looks to date:

-Collingwood’s lawyer is drafting up a deal that will put ‘LUCICITY’ into pre-production as soon as a budget is met.

-In two weeks, ‘DYNAMO’ either makes or doesn’t make the cut in the next round of the Nicholls Fellowship Competition.

-I’m awaiting word from producer Robert Lawrence to see if he wants to move forward with ‘DYNAMO’. See if he passes it on to Spielberg. In the meantime…

-Jenna Zuzchlag at The History Channel is pitching ‘DYNAMO’ to her execs next month.

-I’m awaiting word from the Alliance Atlantis Producer Submission Site in regards to the same.
-Zach Feldburg at Showcase is waiting for me to fax signed release forms so he can pitch ‘DYNAMO’ to his people.

-Producer James Shavick is currently reading the script.

-Additionally, a hard-copy is currently en route to London to be entered into the BBC Writers Room drafting process.
-Pete Petley and Gus Verstraten are composing/producing pieces that could potentially be used to score ‘LUCIDITY’

-The Vice-President of National Geographic Kids is currently reading the treatment for ‘DOWN UNDER.

I’m thinking all bets might soon be in…


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