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I’m sorry guys.  Totally dropped off the radar.  For all those concerned parties, no, I’m not dead, I haven’t joined a hippie- commune on Hornby Island, nor have I been recruited by the CIA (sigh)

After a brief hiatus from the frustrations of the real world, I returned with a brand new twofold plan: 

 1.  to escape the soul-dimming monotony of my service industry day-job

 2.  to focus my professional aspiration in one intelligent direction instead of spreading myself so thin.

 And that’s exactly what I did.

 Now, I spend upwards of 50 hours-a-week installing exterior siding on new homes atop Bear Mountain.  And my professional writing efforts have been focused solely on the Collingwood connection in Vancouver.  A rewrite contract seems to be in the works for the near future and we’re still negotiating my contract for their eventual plans with ‘LUCIDITY’.

So, all said and done, the flurries have subsided, the snow is thick and I’m making tracks. 

And I promise to remain visible.



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